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R 2450-00 Once Off – No Monthly Fees – No Contracts

On-Site Installations

Most cost effective tracking system in SA

The Cape Track© tracker is a hi-tech GPS tracker based on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS. It integrates intelligent positioning, real-time tracking, cut-off power supply and fuel via sms or our online platform, tracking playback, vibration alarm, power cut-off alarm, remote voice monitoring, SOS alarm button, low battery alarm, Overspeed alarm, Geo-fence (No go zone)etc. The Cape Track© tracker can be fitted to any vehicle from cars, trucks, motorbikes and we even have solutions to track and keep your children safe.

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Main Features:

• Lifetime Free GPS Tracking Platform
• Android App Tracking
• Cell phone Tracking
• GSM Quad-band
• GPS GSM GPRS wireless network
• High sensitive GPS chipset
• Real-time tracking
• Built-in GSM&GPS antenna
• Built-in ON/OFF power, wide voltage input range
• Built-in acceleration sensor for vibration alarm

• Support ACC detection, real-time reporting car status
• Built-in 450mAh battery for alarm
• Tele-cut off (petrol/electricity) function
• SOS button for SOS alarm
• Voice monitor function
• Built-in CPU, eliminating breakdown automatically
• Three LED indicators: GPS-blue; GSM-green; Power-red
• Check location via platform
• One year manufacturer warranty

Why Cape Track?

• 100% web-based & easy to use
• Installation at your premises
• No contract – month to month
• Geo-fencing with e-mail & sms alerts
• Real-time updates every 15 seconds
• Detailed customized reports
• 24 hour vehicle tracking & recording

Cape Track – Customer Value

Monitoring the movement of your vehicle is critical to any business. A fleet management solution can have a huge effect on the bottom line of any organization. having a fleet management system reduces maintenance, fuel and operating costs by making sure your fleet is operating as expected and reduces your costs by allowing you to direct your vehicles in the most efficient manner.

Worried about tracking and tracking your vehicles? Do you intend to have access to a picture perfect management facility for your fleet and shipments? Do not get edgy. We have the right solution to calm down your troubled mind.

Effective And Streamlined Solution To Be Availed 24/7

Tracking systems are being applauded profusely in almost every part of the world. As a matter of fact, these streamlined solutions have turned out to be the mostly used and highly revered technology of the present time. The GPS based tracking system happens to be fully functional on the basis of 24*7. It makes it a point to help you keep tracking every single movement of your vehicle or fleet.

Our solutions work for you even in the midst of harsh weather conditions. We brainstorm and conceptualize our vehicle tracking solutions that way only. All the high end features as well as facilities related to tracking systems in South Africa are meant to satisfy your tracking related requirements in the best possible manner.

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