Car Tracking

Car tracking devices are supposed to be highly dispensable for people in this modern era. You are going to need these services so that you can be tension free about the safety as well as protection of your cars when you keep it parked somewhere.

We understand and appreciate your concern for your car. Therefore we bring you the best and most reliable solution in shape of car tracking devices in South Africa.

With the help of our car tracking solutions as well as devices you will be able to institute an unobtrusive watch on your vehicle. The efficient range of solutions that we have in store would be capable to treat your fleet management and vehicle management requirements with panache.

Services We Offer:

SME tracking for fleets
Security for private cars
TLD land marking solutions
Tracking alarms
Truck security
When it comes to the aspects like professionalism as well as trust issues you can count on us. Wish you all the best!

For transportation companies and companies that need to track a fleet of vehicles, vehicle or car tracking facility can be very beneficial. It can help them in locating the exact position of their vehicle and hence, help them in deciding on the best routes available on the road when needed.

At Cape Track, we can enhance the visibility of your vehicle and help you in making important decisions. Our car tracking facility can go a long way in helping you to reduce fuel cost and also reduce unauthorized use of vehicles. You can make use of our web based tracking application and make a head start in managing your commercial vehicles. It will give you useful insights into the driver’s behavior and will give you the confidence that your vehicles are used responsibly. In case, your vehicles are not used responsibility, you can know about it immediately and can save yourself from any potential problem in future.

In a nutshell, having a car tracking system in place for your vehicle can help you in

Increasing the productivity
Containing fuel costs
Reducing labor costs
Minimizing operating expenses
Enhancing customer service
Improving the safety and security of your vehicles.
Service companies that have a large number of contractors like electrical and plumbing companies can also make great use of this service. Other than that it is also be put to personal use. By putting a tracking device on your car or on your spouse’s or kid’s car can help you in knowing about its whereabouts.

If you are interested in know more about car tracking and availing of this service, then do contact us for the same.

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