Quick Setup Guide

Cape Track Quick Setup

Before you install your Cape Track© Tracker you must set the APN in order for your tracker to work on your cellphone network. By following the steps below your device will be ready in no time. Once your tracker is fitted you can start tracking your vehicle immediately.

1. Get a SIM Card
You will need a SIM Card to use with your unit from any cellphone provider. (remember to RICA your SIM card) . We suggest CelC or Vodacom.

2. Fitment
Once you have your RICA’d SIM you are ready for fitment at our installation center.

If you wish to install your tracker yourself, remember that our 1 year warranty does not cover damaged or blown units due to incorrect installations.

3. APN Settings
This step is very important; please ensure to follow the following steps exactly and in the same order. Please confirm the APN internet information with your cellphone operator before you set the APN. Write down your new sim’s cellphone number (not the sim number on the sim itself)

Send the following SMS command from your cellphone to the new SIM phone number inserted in the Cape Track© Tracker:

SMS Command 1: APN,internet,#

and send, If successful your tracker will return “OK” sms


SMS Command 2: Server,1,www.gpsluckly.com,88,0#

and send, If succesful your tracker will return “OK” sms.

Please make sure you type luckly and NOT lucky


SMS Command 3: SOS,A,yournumber#.

and send, If succesful your tracker will return “OK” sms.


SMS Command 3: Center,A,yournumber#.

and send, If successful your tracker will return “OK” sms.

5. Log into the online tracking platform
Go to the Tracking Page here then enter your account name and your password that we will provide, click on the “Monitor” tab to see if your tracker is online.

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